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Submitted on
December 2, 2012


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Navy's Winter Night Contest

Sun Dec 2, 2012, 6:10 PM

:bulletwhite: Navy's Winter Night Contest :bulletwhite:

Alas I am hosting another contest! :squee: Since I am a lover of the night, and I know many of you out there are too, I am hosting a Winter night contest! So! Here's the deal...

:bulletblue: Mission :bulletblue:

There are going to be three options in this contest. A Digital/Traditional option, a Literature, and a photography option. But there will be only ONE winner overall the options. I just wanted to provide a few categories for those who are not strong in digital art and who perhaps wanted the choice of writing instead of drawing. Basically you can choose whichever section you want. And if you want to make a digital art piece and enter a poem / short story you can. All in all the sections are for you to choose from. You can enter however many times in however many sections. Just please, be reasonable. : )

:bulletwhite:  Literature option :bulletwhite:

If you fancy writing then your goal for this contest is to write a short story / poem based off my pony Navy Canvas and her sisters. The setting is a winter night/evening. You may come up with a short story on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day involving my character and my sisters characters. If you like it can only be about one of the ponies, or it can be about all three sisters. The goal is to write something sweet involving one, two or all of them. The freedom is yours to choose how the poem is set up, or how the out come turns out. Just as long as the poem has at least four stanzas and the short story has at least 150 words. Also if you read my Ponies descriptions and are able to match their personalities as best as you can, that will be taken note of.

:bulletblue:  Photography option:bulletblue:

For this section you may take a photo involving something wintery / Christmasy indicating a Christmas/Winter evening / night. Something warm, cozy, and comforting. Peaceful even. I would really like if it was something new, but if you have an older piece you've taken that perfectly fits this topic perfectly you may enter it. n_n Keep in mind if you have a few photos you like feel free to enter as many as you like. No more then 10 entires though.

:bulletwhite:  Digital Art/ Traditional Art option :bulletwhite:

For this category you have the choice of drawing a winter scene involving my pony Navy Canvas and her sisters Crimson Beat and Indigo Blitz. If you like you may draw one of these ponies on a Winter night or you may draw all three together. You just HAVE to make sure it is dark outside and or the sun is setting. You can have the ponies sitting next to a fire, perhaps one pony witnessed seeing Santa, or perhaps they are out trotting through the snow viewing christmas lights on a dark winter evening. Regardless the scene must have something to do with Winter or christmastime. n_n Detail and creativity as well as effort and time taken will be noted.

:bulletblue:  Information on Navy and her sisters :bulletblue:

Navy Canvas by MelodyoftheWolf
Navy is the oldest sister. She is compared to the age of Princess Cadence. Young adult pony.
Other visuals of her are here ->…
Her reference is the image shown

Crimson Beat by MelodyoftheWolf
This is Crimson Beat. She is the next oldest below Navy Canvas. She is the same age as the mane 6. Teenager pony.

Indigo Blitz by MelodyoftheWolf
Indigo Blitz is the youngest of Navy's sisters. She is the same age as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Pre teen aged pony.

Just ask if you have any questions regarding Navy's two younger sisters. :heart:

:bulletwhite:  Prizes :bulletwhite:

1st place
-1000 points
-Watercolor Scenery painting by me (Like these: ) of your choice of whatever scene with whatever characters/animals included

2nd place
-500 points
-Digital art piece made by :iconcruelseptember:

3rd place
-300 points
-Digital art piece made by :icondraconisdyscophus:

4th place
-200 points
-Flat color digital art by :icondraconisdyscophus:

5th place
-150 points
-Two sketches by :icondraconisdyscophus:

Honorable Mentions
-50 points
-A painting by me with of one character blank background

Those who enter and DO NOT win a prize listed above
-20 points
-A llama from me


:bulletwhite:  Rules :bulletwhite:

- Everyone will get a prize for entering. But you will not get extra 20 points if you place or win an honorable mention. The 20 points are for those who enter and do not place.
- You may of course add in your OC too!!!!
- You may enter as many times as you like. Only one piece can place.
- The piece MUST be in relation to the night / twilight / sunset. NO DAYLIGHT PHOTOS/ DRAWINGS.
- Short stories must be at least 150 words
- Poems must be at least four stanzas  
- Rated G entries. This is a contest for me and my sisters. Innocence is a must.
- I will judge by creativity, effort put into the entry, and uniqueness.
- Digital/ traditional entries MUST be colored. NO sketches. If it is black and white a lot of effort must be taken.
- DraconisDyscophus and I are the only judges along with our other little sister whom does not have a deviant art

:bulletblue:  How to stand out :bulletblue:

- Literature wise I am looking for a poem that can cleverly involve all my ponies together. Something sweet, loving and Christmasy.
- Photography wise I am one for color, christmas lights, candy canes, snow, animals, snowflakes, innocent Christmasy things I am a sucker for. If you involve any of those in the photo you will stand out. Also a unique angle, something cleverly thought out and planned to make look good. I also like scenery, preferably snowy and of course at night.
- Digital art wise I would love for you to incorporate Navy Canvas and both of her sisters in a nighttime scenery. I want to see all of them together on a Christmas evening.
- If you ask me more personal questions and take time to come up with an entry that fits my requirements you will stand out above the rest.
- AGE WISE REGARDING MY PONIES. Navy Canvas is Princess Cadences age. Crimson Beat is the Mane 6's age and Indigo Blitz is the Cutie Mark Crusaders age.  

:bulletwhite:  Deadline :bulletwhite:

:bulletred: Friday March 1st 2013 :bulletred:

:bulletblue:  Contestants :bulletblue:

:iconkktheangelofearth::iconadu101::iconagentchingchong::icongaaxdeilover::iconesrieal::iconmeowkittycat478::iconphoebethephoenix::icontheequinoxcreed::iconsnowbellseedrian::iconsilverwindstar::iconlittlesnowyowl::iconnobody-wasnt-here::iconakiza-the-black-rose::iconmalindafan2::iconmythstical::iconvelix-of-arceum::iconlaurenandpoko::iconasklizzydog::iconsmileymonkeylurvesu::iconferorodono::iconvegetaxkakarott::iconmiyakoitoshiki::iconberrylilly::iconyellowcrimson::iconxx-starduster-xx::iconfirewing124::iconred-shepherd::iconhoffnungsstern::iconbloodwolf1029::iconroseofstarlight::iconanti-loud::iconexorcistvoid::iconagentchingchong::iconshashunni::iconfunnyzzz::iconhkepoetry::iconlumi-chu::iconmuccnomiya::iconfishyfeeshy::iconbone-bone::iconzeusofartharia::iconthekagerou::iconsakurarosephoenix::iconvargson::iconsilverwindpegasus::icondawn-dust::iconvanswolf::iconmonstrgod::iconsammtepes::iconhawkbreath1::iconlittlepig159::iconselftaughtartist1::iconaprilj0313::iconvelvet-lies::iconicexwolf1::iconthepandahatxd::iconquila111::iconkcizsckiee::iconkira34041::iconpokemon7maniac: :iconkerui8d::iconhaaja77::iconslycooper11::icondevilshorse::iconreporter-derpy::iconmetarex12::iconss-spiritstar::iconbubblegumbloo::icondoddsnb1::iconnubblebubble123:                                          

:bulletwhite:  Entries :bulletwhite:

Contest for MelodyOfTheWolf by ADU101 Contest Submission Story :D    Navy was walking in the cold and unwelcoming woods, shivering from being scared. She hears a howl, recognizing that it had been from a wolf, probably not too far away. She tried trotting a tad bit faster, scared that even her footsteps might attract some unwelcome visitors. It felt like her heart was beating a hundred times faster than usual. Am I going to die? What if I'm out here too long and I freeze to death, or other animals try to kill me? All she had to do right now was stay alive. Another howl rips through the air like the tip of a blade-she now starts to run, hearing her hooves pounding against the snow along with more howls, some of them barking like they're blood-thirsty; her heart starts to beat faster than she had ever thought possible. After a few minutes they must have caught up as sharp claws stab into a hind leg, bringing Navy down to the mud-soaked ground. Turning her head back in fear, she catches a glimpse of the one that had tripped her, its eyCrimson Beat: Contest entry by Red-Shepherd A Pony ChristmasNavy looked outside
And something caught her eye
She called for her sisters to come out
As she spun around and danced about
Crimson was the first to come
As she caught a snowflake on her tongue
Indigo was next to come out
She was happy and flew about
The girls had fun in the new snow
Playing a snowball fight and getting some cocoa
They loved the chocolate taste
They didn't want any to go to waste
Navy looked out under the tree
As she hopped around with glee
Santa had come the night before
And he had brought them stuff galore
Navy got a robe and crown
She wanted to show them off around town
Crimson got some new clothes in fashion
She went into action
Indigo got a pair of new shoes
They all had different views
Navy loved the lights on the tree
They made her eyes bright with glee
They had a wonderful pony Christmas
They had such a good day that they didn't notice
It was bed time for the three ponies here
They all dreamed...about Christmas next year.
Insanity Christmas (CONTEST)It was a dark and unusual Christmas in ponyville. It was snowing as hard as if I were in a sandstorm. Every pony was in there house having parties. While I Navy Canvas was working late at the paint shop. Painting a wonderful picture of the majestic unicorn Rarity. Her mane was as glittery as if she was from the Chrystal Empire as in the myths. Which I preferred wasn't true.
All I thought about was getting home to my two sisters, Crimson Beat and Indigo Blitz. I was coming home with a painting of them two playing together. I was confused on how I would get it in the house without them noticing. I was a block away when I felt like I was being watched. As I looked around I saw the black figure around my house. As I stared at it it disappeared into the night.
I then started to prance a little faster. As I got up to the door I took out my key and unlocked the door and ran inside.
"Crimson," I yelled hoping they would hear me, " Indigo." surprisingly they didn't answer as if they weren't eve
The Best Christmas Gift everStory for :iconMelodyofthewolf:'s contest
Navy Canvas belongs to :iconMelodyofthewolf:
Moon Bright belongs to  :iconBloodwolf1029:
Falling, his wing charred, the ground came rushing towards him. He knew he was about to die, and his life flashed before his very own eyes.
I am Moon Bright. I was born in a cave, on the side of a mountain, on a dark, blizzard cursed, night. My parents were climbing that mountain when I was born. They found the cave and stayed the night there. I was a Pegasus born from a Unicorn and Earth pony. They knew I was different, I had a coat as white as snow, and a light gray mane that faintly glowed like the moon.
I slept during the day, and was awake at night. I only ever had bad luck during the day, so I slept during the day to stop myself from having bad luck ever again. I also never had any friends as a foal. I was homesch
:thumb342473930:Indigo Blitz: Contest Entry by ZeusofArthariaThe scent of a winter-day by VargsonCrimson Beat(contest entry) by Catnipkitty99entry into Navy's Winter Night Contest by selftaughtartist1Christmas time in Warsaw by Velvet-LiesWinter Night Contest Entry Finished by aprilj0313Helsinki by night: Kappeli by haaja77Light In The Night by SilverWindStarOn a winter night by Reporter-DerpyAn Evening Stroll by DevilsHorseSpotted Horses by LashelleValentineNightingale by LashelleValentineOn a Lonely Night by LashelleValentineAbsence by LashelleValentineMagenta by LashelleValentineMy Night of Thoughts and Wishes by LashelleValentineA Cat's Nine Lives by LashelleValentineCrimson Beat: Contest entry V2 by Red-ShepherdIndigo Blitz by SS-SpiritStarStanding in The Starry Night .::CE::. by hawkbreath1:thumb356460623:Why are you alone, Moon? by Doddsnb1Winter Moonlight by BubblegumBlooAn Adventure Awaits by Doddsnb1Light in the Darkness by Doddsnb1FINISHED CONTEST! by TheAwesomeness0330CE:: Over the Hills by quila111Winter Night by Kerui8D
:bulletred: Disqualified contestant :bulletred:

:iconworldofwhiteness:  has been disqualified from this contest.
1. She entered a scenery piece that was nowhere near close to her artistic ability. It was indeed very much stolen. (She removed it proving to me that it obviously was not her own->thegothicdarkness.deviantart.c…
2. This entry was used from a base (Base -> But they claimed it as their own artwork.

Hopefully that give y'all enough time :heart:
I look forward to seeing what entries y'all come up with.
I tried my best to make it applicable for as many people as I can. Please let me know of any questions at all. There was a lot of information put into this journal I am sure I forgot to mention something. n-n'

Just ask to join and you will be entered. n_n


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kuku88 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
...This truly IS a last-minute entry. ^^;
I-I just discovered this contest today, RIGHT after school. After all, I AM still pretty new here. ^^; But anyway, PLEASE accept my entry; I worked rather hard on it!: ^^; :please:
MelodyoftheWolf Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:heart: So sorry myself. I was busy editing the html for that bloody journal. Very very sorry I missed it. Thank you for your effort m'love! It is very much appreciated :heart:
kuku88 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's fine. I'm just happy I managed to finish it in time. Thank you so much! :heart:
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I also was sure to add it to the final results in the journal so others can admire it too! :heart:
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kuku88 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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I spent a LOT of time (and battery) trying to get the ponies and colours right. ^^; :meow:
Kerui8D Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

here it is ^^
Kerui8D Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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