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March 1, 2013


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Navy's 20th Birthday Character Contest

My Wish
My birthday wish is for you to use my characters and make me a birthday creation! You can use one character of mine, or three if you like, you can even throw in your characters too! It can even just be a character you favor of mine most with one of your characters!
The basic theme is celebration! Lots of Color, Festivity, and Fun!
I want you to have fun with this! I am giving you a variety of characters to choose from! So please, Enjoy yourself! You can make them into humans, anthro's or leave them as is!
Just be sure to ask me about any concerns you have. I would appreciate it if you read the descriptions of the character. Be sure you know the personality of them / markings.

Characters for you to choose from

Use whichever characters of mine you favor most in your entry! I would love it if you incorporated your character with them! I don't want it to be all about me! My characters cherish their friends very much! They want them in the entry!

:bulletblack: You can choose any of the wolves from my OC wolf pack, The Misfits  --->
:bulletred: The only wolf I DO NOT want drawn is Alaric. His design is due to change.

:bulletblack: You can also choose from my mane 6 --->

:bulletblack: Navy Canvas' younger sisters
Crimson Beat:
Indigo Blitz:

:bulletblack: My fursona, Scarlet --->…

:bulletblack: Of course my ponysona Navy Canvas --->…

:bulletblack: I also have a persona. n-n Not to many references of her unfortunately. These are the only examples I have below of her. But i'll give you a bit of information about my persona. Incase you want to throw her in too!

Name: Navy
Age: 20
Hair style: Long wavy / straight brown. Or up in a pony tail.
Eye: Grey / grey blue
Clothing options: Navy blue tops (T-Shirts, workout top, hoodies) Pants wise, (Black sweat pants. Running shorts. NO SKIRTS) Shoes wise, usually barefoot / wearing colorful ankle socks
Jewelry: No jewelry
Make up: Mascara, natural looks
Likes: The colors blue (various shades), black, white, dark purple. WOVLES. Horses. Ponies. Nighttime. Chocolate raspberry truffles (chocolate). Her OC characters and sona's! Full moons. Warm weather. Ice cream. Stuffed animals. Scenery settings. Cup cakes. Red and blue velvet cake. angel food cake. Painting with watercolors! Disney movies. Country. Paw prints, hearts and polka dots
Dislikes: Pink. Mornings. Coffee. Big cities. Girly things. Dresses. Jewelry. Shopping.

:bulletred: I would love to see my persona in the entry. Even if you turn her into a wolf / pony / other character, doesn't matter! Since she represents me turning 20, i'd be super awesome if you could!

:bulletred: Have no idea what to make? Note me. I'll help ya out with ideas.

:OlympicPodium: by Ugghhzilla

Ultimate Grand Prize Winner
-CUSTOM Watercolor Scenery painted by me like these:
The Black Swan by MelodyoftheWolf Queen of Nature by MelodyoftheWolf Rainbow river by MelodyoftheWolf Neon lights and Jazz music nights by MelodyoftheWolf Butterfly flutterby by MelodyoftheWolf
Your choice of whatever scene with whatever characters/animals included custom painted specifically for YOU

:bulletred: Shipment paid by me if you wish / are comfortable with it being mailed to you

Honorable Mentions
(There will be a lot of honorable mentions due to no 2nd or 3rd place)
100 :points:
A character of yours painted by me! Like these:
Siren - The Exile / Loner by MelodyoftheWolfPrize: Sundae as a fox by MelodyoftheWolfNeena - Delta / Hunter by MelodyoftheWolfPrize: Paige the Fennec Fox by MelodyoftheWolf

Others who enter and DO NOT win an honorable mention or the grand prize will receive
30 :points: and a llama

I want to reward everyone for their effort! :heart:

Rules: Please Read :hug:

I will not be keeping track. Just enter whenever you can before the deadline! :dummy:
- Literature WILL be ACCEPTED! Some prefer to write. I would love to see a literacy entry!
- Unfortunately no photographs allowed. Unless traditional piece is entered through a photo taken or it is a craft.
- Cosplay is completely welcome!
- Everyone will receive a prize!
You will either win the grand prize, an honorable mention or receive 30:points: and a llama for participating with an entry!
- G rated entries
- I LOVE and PREFER color. If you do a black and white piece, be warned.
- You can enter as many times as you want. Only one entry can win.
- Digital, literature, crafts, cosplay and traditional art allowed!
- No STOLEN art allowed or tolerated. I know people who can hunt you out. Seriously. hkepoetry is a pro.
- No line art / recolors. It just isn't your 100% art :/

Final Judgement
I will be the only judge :la:
Talent - 5%
Precision based on character design / personality - 25%
Creativity - 30%
Effort - 40%

Looking for creativity, precision on how well my characters personalities/designs are captured and above all I am looking for effort and time that you took.
Seem silly to judge by effort? I feel that if I don't, I am taken advantage of. I don't want to see quick work (Due to the fact that I am giving everyone points. I like seeing effort, y'know?) By showing that you put effort into it it tells me you enjoyed making it too. And I really want you to enjoy it!
The one who spends the most time WILL NOT be guaranteed to win. I am looking for the combination of all.
I hope this seems fair to y'all! Not trying to be a witch!

Are you NOT interested in joining this contest?

If you still want to make a piece of art but DO NOT want to enter it. Making it as more of a gift.
I will in return make YOU something! :heart:

My Birthday Weekend! ----> Sunday, March 31st 2013 :happybounce:

:thumb357383532::thumb357395027::thumb357411089:Happy Birthday by MissPh0enixAin't No Party Like a Pinkie Pie Party! by AutumnMiraclesHappy-birthday for MelodyoftheWolf by RedHeadRageHappy Birthday- by katch112Happy Birthday Navy :3 by lunalove2Contestlala by sumbuttMidnight View (Happy Birthday MelodyoftheWolf!) by Angelwings246Party Time! by Icefire11:thumb359475082:Happy Birthday2 by MissPh0enixNavy Canvas (MC) by Doddsnb1:thumb359978396:Navy and Autumn! by Lydia-RawrContest Entry 1 by HeartANGELfied:CE: Happy Bday, Navy! by kuku88:thumb360310719::thumb360474345:Sew by SeleneWolf25Navy's birthday contest Entry~ by julietlovestexas123Silver Sleigh Belle by Dragodog3496Contest Entry! by bradenc190Happy Birthday Melody ^^ by Doddsnb1Happy Birthday Navy!! by HeartANGELfiedNavy's firefly birthday surprise by ShyMemoriesCinnamon by katch112Happy birthday MelodyoftheWolf contest by Crystalstar1551 Friendship Is Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made OnThis story contains spoilers for the Season 3 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
The sound of laughter echoed through the streets of Ponyville.
Navy Canvas looked up in time to see a multi-colored blur, one with every color of the rainbow, pass over her. Shortly behind it came a blue of purple, with perhaps a streak of pink. The giggling began to fade as they passed.
She sighed, lowering her head back down to its former position, or perhaps a little lower, as she opened the door on the tree. A question of what she would find started to creep forward from the back of her mind, and at first, she found nothing unexpected. The same wooden floors , the same shelf upon shelf of books.
“Welcome to Ponyville Library! I bet you’ve been here before, though!”
She jumped, startled, looking for the source of the noise.
“Oh, sorry!” A head popped up from behind a pile of books, and a light-purple unicorn smiled at her. F
Happy Birthday Navy! by XxLunaTheKittyxXHappy Birthday Navy Contest by pinkprincess1Happy Birthday Navy! by AwesomePonyTail:thumb361528266:Birthday Contest~ by pitterpaws:thumb361698383:Happy Birthday Navy!! by JadeSketch:Gift: Avatar Navy by spottie-dotsNavy's Birthday Contest Entry 1 by KalteEinsamkeitNavy Canvas Kandi Cuff Pattern by Doddsnb1Skin for MelodyOfTheWolf by KalteEinsamkeit Forgetful3rd Entry for MelodyoftheWolf's contest.
Characters (c) MelodyOfTheWolf
They're all humans because... well... MelodyOfTheWolf's characters are animals in my eyes, they don't speak... sorry...
Navy as in her Persona, not pony.
"What are you two planning?" Navy sighed "You've been over in that corner whispering for the best part of the day!" She mumbled, picking up a paintbrush and a tin of watercolour paints whilst glancing at Indigo and Scarlet, whom were giggling. Soon the giggling erupted into chuckles, then into a laugh worthy of a pair of strange-haired psychopaths.
"What if she re-"
"Shhhh! She'll hear!"
"Ahem? Hear what exactly?" Navy cut in
"N-nothing!" Scarlet yelped
"It wasn't anything of your concern, big sister!"
Navy pouted "I told you to stop calling me that... I'm not your sister!" She sighed, sitting down at her desk, leaving the red haired and blue haired terrors to.. whatever it was they were doing... She excused herself and stepped outside to
Happy Birthday! by XxLunaTheKittyxX:thumb362465667:Happy Birthday Glomp by Nerux3Happy birthday, Navy! by Red-ShepherdNavy's 20th Birthday by durpdurCE~Happy Birthday Navy by FluffPluffCE Navy's Birthday by xX-Starduster-XxNavy and Scarlet - For Melody of the Wolf Contest by Kinetic-Passion:thumb362563613:Contest entry for MelodyoftheWolf by littlepig159Navy's 20th Birthday by The-Emerald-Dragon Navy's PartyIn the heat of the summer
In a paint-splattered home
One pony's celebrating her party
All alone.
As the minutes tick down
And the streamers are hung
The decorations in place
The doorbell rung
One pony arrives
Silver Sleigh Bell
With a surprise.
The pony welcomes her in,
She takes a seat.
Another rap at the door
The pony welcomes one more
A Whisper walking across the floor
A current runs through the air
Here comes Static Circut
Without a care
Raspberry with a bundle of streamers
Cherry Wine bringing a gift
Hazard has brought his pack to help
White Face let out a yelp
The others came streaming in
Stich and Sew doing what they do best
The decor they are making
Pretty as can be (Colored navy!)
Neena setting ballons free
While Ignite bakes a cake
And Cinnamon tops it off!
Navy's opened all of her presents but one
The night's almost done
What could this be?
Mechanical wings, shining prettily!
The night's over, party's done
Everyone had a lot of fun
Navy did then go to sleep
Counting she
CE: Navy Portrait by TwiddleDittle

Chocolate Covered Strawberries by ShinySugarStarI Love Chocolate by SophibelleI Love Candy by hollsRed Velvet Cake Stamp by Two-By-Six

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I hope you had a wonderful birthday Navy. You must be tuckered out from all that fun you had at your party. Anyway just want to say thanks for the awesome contest you did for us. XD! Good luck to all the contestants in the contest. You guys really did some awesome art xDD!
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